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Oberon Securities Announced as Winner at the 13th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

ACN Technologies, Inc. EdgeBuilder Wall Panels Inc. Plymouth Industrial REIT, Inc. AOI Advisors LLC SB Manufacturing Matrix International Financial Services Safeway Construction Enterprises Ameri Holdings, Inc. MediSens Wireless Joyce Leslie KBS Builders Stephanie Johnson SB Manufacturing Serendipity Labs, Inc. ShoreGroup India Limited Xpress Retail Blackstone Capital Advisors, Inc. Zero Odor Gamma Medica Select Staffing Select Staffing Select Staffing BioLineRX, Ltd Youfit Health Clubs KBS Building Systems, Inc NTS Communications, Inc. Orion Health Retail Pro International WESTSTAR TV, LTD. BioLineRX, Ltd Butler America, Inc NTS Parkstone Capital Hudson Technologies XFONE, Inc. Ubiquitous Media Arpielle Equipment Co. Naturade, LLC AMS Health Sciences XFONE, Inc. Alanco Technologies Donald J Pilner, Inc. New Bedford Media XFONE, INC. Glacial Energy Select Staffing Glacial Energy VUANCE, LTD CornerWorld Corporation MER Telemanaagement Solutions, LTD XFONE, INC. XFONE, INC. Semcan, Inc. Newmarket Technology, Inc. Sonnenenergy Corporation VUANCE, LTD Videocodes, Inc. Laurel Cove Time America, Inc. Intran Media, LLC Ubiquitous Media MER Telemanagement Solutions, LTD Cusac Gold Mines, LTD Time America, Inc. STM 1, LLC XFONE, INC. XFONE, INC. Phantom Fiber Corporation Time America, Inc. Vcampus Corporation XFONE, INC. XFONE, INC. XRG, Inc. Lucid Entertainment, Inc. Pigeon Corporation
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